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Name of Library: Queen Mother Library, University of Aberdeen

Address: Meston Walk, Old Aberdeen, AB24 3UE

Town: Aberdeen

Telephone: 01224 273330

Fax: 01224 273956

E-mail: library@abdn.ac.uk

Website: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library

Alternative names


Gilian Dawson

Job Title

Faculty Information Consultant

Purpose and main user community of the library


Terms of access

Apply for access at the door on the day. Proof of identity and address required.

Opening hours

M -Th 09.00-22.00. Fr 09.00-20.00. Sa 09.00-22.00. Su 13.00-22.00

Disabled access

Full disabled facilities and access


ILL available

Personal non-member loans on request in writing to the librarian, paying postage both ways



Periodicals - Back Issues

Current Periodicals



Volumes added per year



Hebrew, world religions, New Testament, church history, practical theology, systematic

theology, historical texts of Christian theology and biblical texts and commentaries, from 15th

to early 20th centuries

Special Collections

Bibliotheck of Kirkwall: established 1684 as one of the earliest public libraries in Scotland, now

c. 500 items, C16-19, ranging through Patristics, the Reformers and Covenanting pamphlets.

Biesenthal Collection: rabbinics, ca. 2,000 vols. Of which c. 700 in Hebrew., representing a

comprehensive selection of all that was published in Hebrew practically from the time of the

invention of printing to c. 1870.

Diocesan Library: Scottish Episcopal Church Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney older library

deposited in 1926; mainly C18-19 theological material, strong in liturgical and other material

relating to the Scottish Episcopal Church.

London Missionary Society, Edinburgh Branch Library: missiology and publications for, by and

about missionaries world-wide.

MacBean Collection of Jacobite material: including related late C17th to mid C18th sermons.

Society of Friends Aberdeen Meeting Library.

Society of Friends Kinmuck (Aberdeenshire) Meeting Library: mainly Quaker literature C18-19.

Taylor Psalmody Collection: c. 1,200 vols., complete versions of the Psalms, partial versions

and books relating to metrical versions of the Psalms or to hymnology generally.

Theological Library: c. 3,000 vols., mainly C17-19, including Bibles or Testaments in many


Thomson Herald King Collections of Pamphlets: c. 1,000 vols., including a high proportion of

theological material of C17-19, including Covenanting and Sabbatarian material, polemics and


C10-16 mss, including C.15 illuminated Hebrew Bible, Books of Hours, Psalter - see URL

http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/introduction.html.Bell, Patrick, Rev, Canada, Papers 1833-37;

Cargill, David (1809-43), missionary, Papers 1826-81; Caseby, Alexander (b.1898),

missionary, Papers 1908-29; Cooper, James, Very Rev, Aberdeen, Broughty Ferry, Glasgow,

Papers 1867-1922; Craven, James B. (1850-1924), Archdeacon, Collections of papers relating

to the Episcopal Church in Caithness and Orkney; Donald, Francis Cantlie (1882-1974),

minister of religion; Eeles, Francis C. (1876-1954), ecclesiologist; Fullarton, John (d.1761),

divine, Papers 1682-1755; Gordon, James, Rev., Papers 1692-1710; Hay, Malcolm V., of

Seaton (1881-1962), historian; Laws, Robert (1851-1934), missionary; Livingstone, John

(1603-72), divine, Papers 1666; Mitchell, William, Rev., Papers 1717; Petrie, Arthur (1730-37),

Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness; Row, John (1598-1672), scholar and divine; Wilkinson,

Thomas, Quaker minister, Highlands, transcript, papers 1785-1807; 22 collections of

sermons, C17-18 centuries, including various Presbyterian and Cameronian preachers

1662-1670; Thomas Boston (1677-1732), James Fisher (1697-1775), John Brown (1722-87)

and others.

Research resource

Illuminated mss. (See Psalter at URL http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/introduction.html); Early

printed works, including c. 50 incunabula; Covenanting literature; Rabbinics C17-19

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URL of catalogue


Other facilities


Full Time Staff 50

Part Time Staff 30

Voluntary Staff 0

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