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Name of Library: Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service

Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford

MK42 9AP

Town: Bedford

Telephone: 01234 228833

Fax: 01234 228854

E-mail: archive@bedscc.gov.uk

Website: http://www.bedscc.gov.uk/archive

Alternative names

Pre-1997 known as Bedfordshire Record Office


n/a; all enquiries to County Archivist

Job Title

Purpose and main user community of the library

Collection, preservation and encouraging access to archives of the historic County. Note: our

Terms of access

Open to all without appointment or a reader's ticket

Opening hours

Mon 9-7, Tues,Wed, Fri 9-5. Shut Thursdays, weekends and Bank Holidays. No production of documents 12.45-2pm daily, and after 4.30pm (6.30pm on Mondays)

Disabled access

Guide to access (leaflet or see website) is available. Only route for unaccompanied

wheelchair users is through main County Hall building from main reception; there isa

telephone just off our car park, but a few steps have to be negotiated. Access within building

is difficult; no special toilet facilities for the disabled.



Not a lending library


No statistics kept

Periodicals - Back Issues

No statistics kept

Current Periodicals

No statistics kept


Some personal diaries and letters on theological topics; good collection of Beds parish

magazines; some Mss sermons and printed pamphlets

Volumes added per year

No statistics kept


See section on 'other materials'

Special Collections

Bedford Moravian Church archive (MO)

Society of Friends (Luton and Leighton Monthly Meetings) Yearly Epistles, 1676-1843.

Controversial pamphlets, 1659-1723

Texts of Laudian sermons, 1628-1631 (TW 148)

Devotional book of Jeffrey Fisher of Flitwick, 1737-8 (LL 15/8)


See above

Research resource

Not our collecting strength, but some personal papers may be useful. Many of the relevant

items comprise just the odd Mss/printed text in much larger archives.

Catalogue Type

card; computer in progress; word-processed catalogues being retrodigitised - 47% of archive lists on WWW

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Photocopying (not self-service) and limited Internet access under supervision

Full Time Staff 11

Part Time Staff 4

Voluntary Staff Occasional

Future plans

The parent authority, Bedfordshire County Council is due to be abolished in April 2009. This county-wide service will very probably remain intact, but funded/organised in a different way


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