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Name of Library: National Library of Scotland

Address: George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EW

Town: Edinburgh

Telephone: 0131 226 4531

Fax: 0131 622 4803

E-mail: Enquiries@nls.uk

Website: http://www.nls.uk

Alternative names


Ms Cate Newton

Job Title

Director of Collection Development

Purpose and main user community of the library

Terms of access

Admission by reader's ticket for reference use only.

Opening hours

Reading rooms open M-F 09.30-20.30; Sa 09.30-13.00

Disabled access

Wheelchair access


Lending of ILL stock via Inter-Library Loans service.

No personal lending


Periodicals - Back Issues

Current Periodicals


Volumes added per year


Special Collections

Blairs College Library: ca. 27,000 volumes, pamphlets, and over 50 mss. On a wide range of

subjects, with Roman Catholic theology predominant, deposited in 1974 by the Trustees of St.

Mary's College, Blairs, Aberdeen. Cathedral of the Isles Millport Collection: ca. 750 volumes on

liturgical works and works relating to the Episcopal Church in Scotland, deposited in 1979 by

the Cumbrae Trust. Cowan Collection: 1,117 volumes and 4 mss. Mainly on liturgy and church

ceremony. Cox Collection: 222 items on temperance and Sabbatarianism. Crawford

Collections (Bibliotheca Lindesiana) - include separate collections of: Ca. 600 Church briefs

published between 1755-1827; Borghese Collection (ca. 8,000 broadsides and pamphlets

relating to the administration of Rome and Papal states between 1550 and 1700); Reformation

and Lutheran tracts (ca. 1,500 pamphlets written by Luther and other German reformers and

published in C16); Indulgences (69 Roman Catholic documents dating C15?17), all currently

deposited in the Library. Dietrichs Collection: Part of the collection of Georg Septimus

Dietrichs, Senator of Regensburg; amongst its ca. 100,000 items there is a large number of

C16 tracts written by German reformers. Dowden Collection: ca. 900 volumes and mss. On

general theological subjects on deposit from St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Drygrange Collection: ca. 2,300 volumes on Roman Catholic theology and church history from

St. Andrew's College, Drygrange, deposited in 1886. Episcopal Church of Scotland

Theological College, Urquhart Collection: ca. 200 theological pamphlets, deposited 1993. Fort

Augustus (St. Benedict's Abbey) Collection: ca. 7,000 volumes and mss. On a wide range of

subjects, in particular Roman Catholic theology, church history, and liturgical works. Gray

Collection: ca. 1,500 volumes and 39 mss., mainly on theology, Latin and Greek classics,

mostly C16-17, deposited in 1961 by the Town Council of Haddington. Haxton Collection: 127

volumes of C16-17 Bibles and portions of the Scriptures. Jolly Collection: 2,976 volumes

mainly on theological subjects dating C16-19, formerly part of the collection of Alexander Jolly,

Episcopal Bishop of Moray, deposited in 1958. Oban Cathedral Collection: 129 volumes dating

C16-20, mainly Roman Catholic theological and liturgical works, deposited in 1994. Orrock

Collection: 41 volumes of mainly C17 theological works. Perth St. Ninian's Cathedral Library:

75 volumes, mss. And ca. 3,750 pamphlets on theology and the Episcopal Church in

Scotland.Preshome Chapel Library: ca. 4,700 mainly theological works from the Chapel

House, Preshome Banffshire, deposited in 1975. Protestant Institute Collection: ca. 570

volumes on canon law, Roman Catholic and Protestant theology dating mainly C17-19,

acquired by the Library in 1997, after formerly being on deposit. Scottish Catholic Archives

Collection: ca. 160 volumes and six mss. deposited by the Scottish Catholic Archives; the

works date C15-19, and are mostly continental works of Roman Catholic theology.


Church of Scotland Board of World Mission and Unity Records: foreign missions, records of

former Continental, Colonial and Jewish Committees. Robert Wodrow's mss.: C17 early

C18 Presbyterianism. Iona Community Papers. For other collections of personal papers, see

the HMC publication Papers of British Churchmen, 1780-1940 (London, 1987).

Research resource

Missionary studies, Scottish ecclesiastical history

Catalogue Type


URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Full reprographic service

Full Time Staff 227

Part Time Staff 50

Voluntary Staff

Future plans

See the Library's strategy document "Breaking through the Walls" available on our website at http://www.nls.uk

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