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Name of Library: University of Glasgow Library

Address: Hillhead Street, Glasgow, G12 8QE.

Town: Glasgow

Telephone: 0141 330 6704/5

Fax: 0141 330 4952

E-mail: library@lib.gla.ac.uk

Website: http://www.lib.gla.ac.uk

Alternative names

University of Glasgow (Institution)


Honor Hania

Job Title

Subject Librarian, Colleges of Arts and Social Sciences Library Support Team

Purpose and main user community of the library

Within the context of the University's arrangement of responsibilities and services, and in

Terms of access

General: The library welcomes visitors who need to consult material held here which is not

easily available elsewhere in the Glasgow area. If possible, please write in advance of visit

stating your reasons for visiting and sources that you wish to consult.Visitors are not allowed

to borrow materials or have access to the electronic sources. One week's notice is preferred.

Written applications should be sent to:Lending Services Desk, Glasgow University

Library.E-mail: Lending@lib.gla.ac.ukVisitors should bring some form of personal identification

and report to the Library Attendant.Students of other Universities may use the library for

study/consultation purposes. They should bring a current matriculation card. Access is

restricted during term time to weekdays after 5 p.m. or any time Saturday/Sunday. Prior

Opening hours

Term: Mon - Sun 0715 - 0200

Summer Vacation: Mon - Sun 0715 - 0200

Please check library's website for variations; these apply to Special Collections Collections and during

vacations in particular.

Disabled access

The Library's collections are accommodated on a large number of levels. Please contact the

Enquiry service in advance of any visit.


Via British library




Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



Theses 14,000

Maps 65,000

MSS 203,000

Volumes added per year



Biblical Studies, Patristics, Early Church History, The Reformation, Scottish Presbyterian

Churches, Hymnology.

Special Collections

Ludwig Blau Collection: Mainly C16 Hebrew books (193 vols.).Civil and Canon Law Collection:

Mainly C16 Italian imprints (262 vols.).Divinity Hall Library (University of Glasgow): Now

incorporated in the University Library, includes many early printed books.Dumbarton

Presbytery Library: Mainly C17 theology (64 vols.);John Eadie Collection: mainly biblical texts

and commentaries (ca. 5,000 vols.).Harry Escott Collection: Hymnology (ca. 300

vols.).William Euing Collection: Includes Bibles, Psalters, hymn and prayer books (ca. 3,000

vols.).Patrick Fairbairn Collection: Includes much theology and biblical criticism (ca. 4,000

vols.).Arthur J. Gossip Collection: Comparative religion (ca. 400 vols.).William Hastie

Collection: Theology and philosophy (500 vols.).Hunterian Collection: Theology and philosophy

(500 vols.).A. B. McGrigor Collection: Palestine (655 vols.).William McMillan Collection: Mainly

Liturgy (1,072 vols.).James Mearns Collection: Hymnology (ca.3,000 vols.).Thomas Kirkpatrick

Monro Collection: Printed works of Sir Thomas Browne, author of Religion medici (289

vols.).Alex Napier Collection: Mainly biblical studies (97 vols.).James D. Ogilvie Collection:

Includes 231 sermons preached before the Long Parliament.Alexander Robertson Collection:

Mainly on theology (3,681 volumes and 1,800 pamphlets).Constantin Tischendorf Collection:

Mainly biblical texts, palaeography and Near Eastern travel, including Tischendorf’s copies of

most of his own works.Trinity College Library: Originally Free Church College, Glasgow, now

incorporated in the University Library, includes over 2,000 pre-1820 imprints and ca. 10,000



Ca. 20,000 biblical and liturgical texts, letters, diaries, sermons, lectures and other documents

of religious interest, including:Barony Parish, Glasgow, 212 documents, 1691-1910;Zachary

Boyd (1585?-1653), Minister of Barony Church, Glasgow, sermons and other works;Thomas

Chalmers (1780-1847), 43 letters and notes addressed to William Buchanan of

Glasgow;Church of Scotland, Book of all General Assemblies, 1560-1689;Church of Scotland,

Register of actings & proceedings of the General Assembly,

1638,1690,1692,1702-1848;Glasgow Free Church Student Theological Society, Minutes of

meetings, 1859-1935;Glasgow University Missionary Association, Minute books,

1821-1905;George Henderson (d. 1912), Lecturer in Celtic Studies at Glasgow University,

Gaelic manuscripts, including the C17 Ratisbon Manuscript, a collection of religious and

poetical works;Kirk of Kilmadock, Session book, 1693-1703;James Kirkwood (1650?-1708),

Minister of Minto, Collected sermons and discourses;Langside Parish Church Literary

Association, Minute book, 1911-1920;Alexander McBeth, Papers relating to Plymouth Brethren,

ca.1931-1945;Stevenson McGill (1765-1840), Professor of Divinity, University of Glasgow,

Abstract of theological lectures in Glasgow University, 1836-37.James MacLagan (1728-1805),

Chaplain to the Black Watch and Minister at Blair Atholl, Gaelic mss. and

transcriptions;Donald McNicol (1735-1802), Minister successively of Saddell and Lismore,

sermons (mainly Gaelic);James Moffatt (1870-1944), NT translator, Papers;Thomas Moffat

Murchison (1907-1944), Gaelic scholar and Minister of St Columba, Glasgow, Papers,

including notes on church history, especially of Wester Ross, and sermons;John Murdoch

(1819-1904), Principal, Government Normal School, Kandy, Diary, 1844-49;John Row

(1568-1646), Minister of Carnock, Ecclesiastical collections;George Russell (d.1832), Minister

of the Secession Church, Dalry, Sermons;James Sharp (1618-1679), Archbishop of St

Andrews, Letters, etc.;Ronald Gregor Smith (1913-1968), Professor of Divinity, University of

Glasgow, Papers;John Charlton Steen (1898-1967), Minister of Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire,

Papers;Peter Donald Thomson (1872-1955), Minister of Kelvinside, Glasgow, Sermons and

other papers;William Thomson (1762?-1817), Minister of Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Sermons and

lectures;United Free Church of Scotland, Glasgow, Highland Divinity Students’ Fellowship,

Minute book, 1928-1930;John White (1867-1951), Minister of Barony Church, Glasgow,

Sermons and letter;Robert Wodrow (1679-1734), Minister of Eastwood, Renfrewshire,

Research resource

Biblical Studies, Patristics, Early Church History, The Reformation, Scottish Presbyterian

Churches, Hymnology.

Catalogue Type


URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Limited: access to catalogue; photocopying

Total Staff 158

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