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Name of Library: Brynmor Jones Library

Address: University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX

Town: Hull

Telephone: 01482 466581

Fax: 01482 466205

E-mail: libhelp@hull.ac.uk; archives@hull.ac.uk

Website: http://www.hull.ac.uk/lib/homepage.html

Alternative names


Sue Geale

Job Title

Head of Communications, Planning and Standards

Purpose and main user community of the library

Serves members of the University

Terms of access

Access by prior arrangement (contact Head of Library Services of University Archivist).

Regular users can apply for Associate Reader ticket (£10 p.a. non-borrowing, £50 p.a.

Opening hours

Main library: Term: M-Th 09.00-22.00, F 09.00-17.30, Sa 09.00-21.00, Su 13.00-21.00

Vacation: M-F 09.00-17.30, Sa 09.00-13.00 (Closed Sa. in August)

Archives M-Th 09.00-17.00

Disabled access

Level access not available to some areas e.g. archives reading room


ILL available

Personal lending to holders of Associate Reader (borrowing) tickets



Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



Mss - see below

Volumes added per year



Needs of undergraduates, research students and staff. Christian religion and theology, Islam

(especially in S.E. Asia), Indian religions

Special Collections

Parish libraries of Holy Trinity Hull and St. Mary Lowgate Hull, consisting mainly of C17-18

theological works


Monastic records of Bridlington Priory, Ellerton Priory, Marrick Priory, Selby Abbey, and

miscellaneous other records. Papers of the Barnard, Beaumont, Burton, Chichester,

Constable-Maxwell, Dunnington-Jefferson, Hotham, Langdale, Lloyd-Greame, Ogle, Palmes,

Pennington, Sykes, Thompson, Wickham-Boynton families, John Blanchard (1760-1827),

Carus Vale Collier, William Dealtry (ca. 1746-1834), Thomas Duesbury, Stanley Evans

(1912-1965), Fred Fletcher (1915-1993), John Hotham (1733-1795), Peter H. H. Howes

(1911-), John Hymers (1803-1887), Stephen Willoughby Lawley (1823-ca. 1901), Cecil Henry

Legard (1843-1918), Yarburgh Gamaliel Lloyd-Geame (1813-1890), Kenneth Macmahon

(1914-1972), Kevin Joseph McNamara (1934-), Clive Milnes-Coates (1879-1971), Francis

Orpen Morris (1810-1893), Conrad le Despenser Roden Noel (1869-1942), James Thomas

O’Brien (1792-1874), Harry Parkin (1926-1990, covering Toba Batak), John Peart-Binns,

Thomas Preston (1742-1827), Robert Rigby (ca. 1752-1823), Mark Sykes (1711-1783), Mark

Sykes (1879-1919, covering Islam, Judaism and Zionism), Patrick Wall (1916-1998), Henry

Zouch (ca. 1725-1795), Thomas Zouch (1737-1815), the Anglican Evangelical Group

Movement, Crust Todd and Mills (solicitors), East Riding Clergy Charitable Society, East

Riding Quaker meetings, Kingston Ecclesiological Society, Matlock Bath Clerical Society,

Matlock Bath Clerical Education Society. Various parish records, including Holy Trinity Church,

Hull, St. Mary’s Church, Beverley, St. Mary’s Church, Lowgate, Hull.Various Methodist


Research resource

As for mss. Printed holdings are of regional significance only

Catalogue Type


URL of catalogue

Other facilities

Full Time Staff Part of main library

Part Time Staff

Voluntary Staff

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