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Name of Library: British Library (London)

Address: 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB; Newspaper library,

Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HE

Town: London

Telephone: 020 7412 7677 (reader admissions)

Fax: 020 7412 7794 (reader admissions)

E-mail: reader-admissions@bl.uk

Website: http://www.bl.uk

Alternative names


Job Title

Purpose and main user community of the library

UK national library

Terms of access

Valid reader pass required. Full information on the website www.bl.uk (select: Services>

Reading Rooms)

Opening hours

Humanities 1 & 2, Rare Books and Music; Science; Patents; Social Science and Business

M 10.00-20.00; Tu-Th 09.30-20.00; F-Sa 09.30-17.00

Oriental and India Office Collections: Manuscripts; Maps M 10.00-17.00; Tu-Sa 09.30-17.00

Newspaper library M-Sa 10.00-16.45

Disabled access

The library aims to make its buildings and services accessible to all


The London collections are not available for lending


200 million separate items (all BL)

Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals


Printed books, journals and ephemera; mss and personal papers; maps; newspapers;

drawings; photographs; music scores; patents; sound recordings; microforms and postage

Volumes added per year

Around 3 million new items


Most published material on theological topics, especially in English but also in many other

languages. Strong collections of mss and early printed religious texts, including Bibles,

liturgies and sermons.

Special Collections

Clement BOASE collection: 300+ volumes of articles, tracts relating to the Catholic Apostolic

Church; Joseph G. DUFTY collection: works relating to Swedenborgism; Michael Augustus

GATHERCOLE collection: pamphlets and sermons (1820-1840); Moritz GROLIG collection:

18 volumes (1596-1904) relating to the Jesuits; James HILTON collection: C17-18

congratulatory verses to priests and women taking vows; John JULIAN collection: hymnals

(1794-1917) and related press cuttings; Frederic JUSTEN collection: press cuttings about

Pope Pius IX; John Wickham LEGG collection: liturgical books; John Daniel LEADER

collection: C19 hymnal broadsheets, largely relating to Sheffield; Sampson LETSOME

collection: C17-18 sermons; Cardibal MANNING collection: books, mostly C16-17 from his

private library; J.B. Leon MARET collection: 16 vols of C18-19 Italian pastoral letters; ST.

GEORGE'S LUTHERAN CHURCH LIBRARY: 600 vols. Mostly C18-19 German works on

theology; Isaac TAYLOR collection: books by the independent minister (1759-1829) from

Ongar, Essex; Edmund WATERTON collection: 1,000 editions of 'De Imitatione Christi'

Further details about all the above collections are given on the website at www.bl.uk (select:

Collections>Early Printed> Collections>Named Collections of Early Printed Materials)


Wide range of materials, including Bibles, Patristic texts, sermons and liturgical mss

Research resource

Catalogue Type

Computer and published

URL of catalogue

http://www.bl.uk (select: Catalogues)

Other facilities

Copying services (photocopying, scanning, photography); access to electronic resources

(including CD-ROMs and subscription databases and full-text services); general internet

access; equipment to assist readers with disabilities

Full Time Staff 2,500

Part Time Staff

Voluntary Staff

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