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Name of Library: Lambeth Palace Library

Address: London, SE1 7JU.

Town: London

Telephone: 020 7898 1400

Fax: 020 7928 7932

E-mail: lpl.staff@c-of-e.org.uk

Website: http://www.lambethpalacelibrary.org

Alternative names


Dr. R. J. Palmer,

Job Title

Librarian and Archivist (general enquiries)

Purpose and main user community of the library

Primarily academic research; also genealogists, local historians, and members of the public

Terms of access

(1) No appointment necessary; (2) Tickets issued on production of letter of introduction, proof

of address, and two passport-size photographs; (3) Limited access tickets to modern printed

materials and microforms, with proof of address and passport-size photos.

Opening hours

M-F 10.00-17.00, limited production 12.00-14.00, 10 days closure at Christmas and Easter.

Disabled access

Historic building; disabled access is possible, but please telephone in advance to discuss



Only by ILL on direct application (not via BLDSC) from academic libraries.

See Above



Periodicals - Back Issues

Ca. 1,000 sets (mostly incomplete), 130 current (not all theological).

Current Periodicals

c. 130 (not all theological)


Over 4,000 mss., archives of the Province of Canterbury and other ecclesiastical archives,

microform collections of Lambeth and other archives, estate maps, Church plans.

Volumes added per year

2,000 (variable)


Main emphasis on Ecclesiastical history of the Church of England, Church Fathers,

Ecumenism, Liturgy; Other denominations, controversies also covered. Otherwise post-1945

theology not collected. Main strength Church history and history of theology C16-19.

Special Collections

Founding collections of Archbishops Whitgift, Bancroft and Abbot. Libraries of later

archbishops, e.g. Seldon, Secker. Ca. 30,000 pre-1701 vols. London Dutch Church Library.

Bishop Robinsonís Honest to God Collection. Liturgical collections (various). Sion College

Library (pre-1850 books), etc.


Ca. 600 medieval mss.Tudor and Stuart collections: Bacon papers, Talbot papers, Carew

mss., Fairhurst collection, etc. Papers of several churchmen, etc.: e.g. J. M. Neale, Headlam,

Gladstone papers, Bishops of London, Official papers of Archbishops of Canterbury. Papers

of Church societies: e.g. Church Union, Incorporated Church Building Society, etc. Archives

of the Province of Canterbury, Estate Documents and temporalities of the Archbishopric,

Commonwealth period, colonial church, etc.

Research resource

Anglican church history and liturgy; Colonial church and ecumenism; Ecclesiastical law;

Ecclesiastical architecture and local history; Primary texts for Anglican theology; C16-19

history and controversies; Mss. from C9 with religious texts/content.

Catalogue Type

Computer, Card and Microfiche c.100 published and typescript catalogues

URL of catalogue

Via main library website: www.lambethpalacelibrary.org

Other facilities

Computer, card, microfiche, ca. 100 published and typescript lists and indexes for mss. and

archives, printouts from microforms, printouts from databases (limited), digitised Church plans

from ICBS, limited internet access.

Full Time Staff 12

Part Time Staff 3

Voluntary Staff 16

Future plans

Transference of manuscript and archive cataloguing to CALM database.


Retrospective conversion of printed books catalogue completed in 2002. On-line access to all

printed books record via Library website. Please consult the library's website for further

information on all holdings.

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