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Name of Library: London Library

Address: 14 St James's Square, London. SW1Y 4LG

Town: London

Telephone: 020 7930 7705

Fax: 020 7766 4766

E-mail: membership@londonlibrary.co.uk

Website: http://www.londonlibrary.co.uk

Alternative names


No specialist librarian; enquiries to the librarian or the Membership administrator

Job Title

Purpose and main user community of the library

Independent lending library covering arts and humanities, registered charity dedicated to the advancement of education, learning and knowledge.

Terms of access

Temporary reference-only memberships are available on a daily and weekly basis, on application and payment of appropriate fee (currently 10 and £30 respectively)

Opening hours

M,F,Sa: 09.30 -17.30

Tu-Th: 09.30 - 19.30

Disabled access

Access to the building is via a flight of 6 stone steps. A lift serves most but not all of the

bookstack areas. Staff available to provide assistance.


Inter-library loans via BLDSC and directly to other libraries

Exhibition loans and other special cases; applications should be made to the librarian.


over 1 million

Periodicals - Back Issues

c 800

Current Periodicals

c 600-700


Small collection of manuscripts; The Times (not Sunday Times) on microfilm, 1785-May1976

Volumes added per year

c 8,000


Theology and the Christian tradition are particularly well represented. There is a large section

of Christian literature; theological and devotional writings, sermons and commentaries.

Important sacred texts, key commentaries and other non-Christian traditions have also been collected.

Special Collections

Important collection of c 21,500 works collected by TRA Allan, a 19th Century bibliophile, for

the use of Methodist preachers; includes large collection of early Bibles.


Research resource

Substantial collection of standard and authoritative works in all modern European languages

(plus Greek and Latin) available for loan to subscribing members in the UK and Europe. The

Library holds complete sets of JP Migne's 'Patrologia Graeca' and 'Patrologia Latina' and the

'Acta Sanctorum'.

Catalogue Type

Computer; printed guard-books

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

web access to online catologue

Full Time Staff c 51

Part Time Staff c14

Voluntary Staff 7 (1 day per week)

Future plans

A retrospective catalogue conversion programme is well under way; the vast majority of post-1950 acquisitions are now included on the computer catalogue. Work began on adding pre-1950 accessions in late 2004.

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