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Name of Library: Chetham's Library

Address: Long Millgate, Manchester M3 1SB

Town: Manchester

Telephone: 0161 8334 7961

Fax: 0161 839 5797

E-mail: librarian@chethams.org.uk

Website: http://www.chethams.org.uk

Alternative names


Michael Powell

Job Title


Purpose and main user community of the library

Historic public library open to all

Terms of access

Access by appointment. Visitors can just walk in

Opening hours

M-F 09.00-12.30, 13.30-16.30

Disabled access

Limited access. Main library is up a flight of stairs



Exhibitions only



Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



600 linear metres of mss and archives; 400 maps

Volumes added per year



Collection of early printed books of Christian theology mostly pre-1850 with wide coverage of

biblical studies, church history, patristics, liturgics and theological studies. Substantial holdings

of C16 & 17 continental books with an attempt to provide a comprehensive coverage of

Christian thought, with Roman Catholic writings standing alongside Lutheran works and

Presbyterian texts. Substantial collection of classical and early modern philosophy

Special Collections

Large holdings of books printed before 1800, of which theology is the largest single subject.

Library of John Byrom (1690-1763), shorthand writer, poet and author of the carol Christians

Awake (c. 2,500 volumes, esp. rich in tracts and sermons); chained library of Gorton parish,

founded by Humphrey Chetham in 1653 (50 vols.); tracts produced for and against popery in

and about the reign of James II (c. 1,700 vols.)


c. 40 medieval mss; papers of John Huntingdon, first warden of Manchester Collegiate

Church; prayers and meditations of John Bradford (1510-1555) protestant reformer; collection

of C17 commonplace books, sermons and diaries; Manchester Diocesan Buildings Company

papers; papers of James Fraser, 2nd bishop of Manchester

Research resource

Large holdings of printed and archival material relating to the Christian church in the North

West of England, and major repository for pre-1800 printed books.

Catalogue Type

Computer, card, printed catalogues

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Full Time Staff 5

Part Time Staff 3

Voluntary Staff 0

Future plans


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