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Name of Library: Oxford Brookes University Library: Harcourt Hill Campus

(formerly Westminster College, Oxford)

Address: Oxford Brookes University, Westminster Institute of

Education, Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford OX2 9AT

Town: Oxford

Telephone: 01865 488222

Fax: 01865 488224

E-mail: open@brookes.ac.uk (for Philosophy, theology or religious

studies enquiries)

Website: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/library

Alternative names

The Westminster Institute of Education, or simply Harcourt Hill Campus


Jo Akers

Job Title

Assistant Subject Librarian (Human Development)

Purpose and main user community of the library

Oxford Brookes University Library serves the teaching and learning of the academics and staff

Terms of access

At the main Headington Library identification must be shown in exchange for a day pass. At

Harcourt Hill non-members can simply walk in to the library but are requested to make

themselves known at the enquiry desk

Opening hours

Term time: M-Th 08.45-21.00, F 08.45-18.00, Sa,Su 12.00-18.00.

Vacation time: M-F 09.00-17.00

Disabled access

No problems for persons wishing to access the library's philosophy, theology or religious studies material. A lift is available for those who wish to access certain education-related materials.


Yes, via ILL

We lend to eligible staff and students whose institutions are part of the SCONUL Access scheme.


There are c.450,000 items held across the entire Oxford Brookes University Library system. Approximately 150,000 of these are kept at Harcourt Hill, of which perhaps 15,000 are directly related to philosophy, theology and religious studies

Periodicals - Back Issues

149 philosophy, theology and religious studies (including some electronic titles)

Current Periodicals


CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and DVDs

Volumes added per year

500 (philosophy, theology and religious studies).


Just about all aspects of philosophy, theology and religious studies are covered to some

extent, including ancient, medieval and modern philosophy and ethics, biblical studies,

Christian doctrine, applied theology, ministerial education, and comparative religion.

Special Collections

The Wesley Centre, Oxford, is also sited at Harcourt Hill. The holdings of the Centre do not

belong to the University, though Brookes students and academics, and scholars from around

the world, make regular use of this extensive and unique Methodist archive. The archivist's

name is Peter Forsaith Tel: (01865) 488319, email pforsaith@brookes.ac.uk


Research resource

The library holds a lot of material relating to Biblical studies, Christian doctrine, and applied

theology. Research in many areas of philosophy and ethics are also well supported from

current library stock.

Catalogue Type


URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Non-members can use the stock on a reference basis. If non-members wish to borrow they must be part of the SCONUL Access scheme.

Full Time Staff 5

Part Time Staff 10

Voluntary Staff

Future plans


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