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Name of Library: Wells Cathedral Library

Address: Wells Cathedral Library, Cathedral Offices, Chain Gate,

Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2UE

Town: Wells

Telephone: 01749 674 483

Fax: 01749 832210

E-mail: library@wellscathedral.uk.net, archives@wellscathedral.uk.net


Alternative names


Jane Swinyard (Old Library) Thursday and Friday, Pam Burrough (Reading Room) Tuesday, Anne Crawford Archivist) Monday and Wednesday

Job Title

Librarians; Archivist

Purpose and main user community of the library

The Chapter of Wells Cathedral

Terms of access

By written appointment to consult books (pre 1800) in the Old Library normally on Thursdays and Fridays: please include an outline of the research to be undertaken and a letter of introduction from your supervisor or tutor. The Reading room containing post-1801 books is open to subscribing members M-T 10.30-12.30 : 1400-1600 Jan to Nov, with occasional closures because of nave services. The archives are normally available on Mondays and Wednesdays in consultation with the archivist.

Opening hours

By appointment only: M - Th 10.00 -12.00; 14.00-16.00

Disabled access

First-floor, no wheelchair access. Alernative accom. would have to be found for the person to

consult a particular item.



It does not lend



Periodicals - Back Issues

Current Periodicals



Volumes added per year

20-25 + approved donations


Texts and Commentaries on the Christian Spiritual tradition. 17th and 19th Century

pamphlets. The Reading Room has texts, commentaries: and history, archaeology and

architecture of the Christian monastic tradition with specific reference to English cathedrals,

both monastic and secular.

Special Collections

The Old Library of pre 1800 books; The Reading Room (a subscription library for members to

sit and study in the library, the 19th, 20th and 21st Century books).


Archives of the Dean and Chapter from 11th Century to present day.

Research resource

Catalogue Type

Computer - Basic listing; not full entries, + Sheaf, no cross references

URL of catalogue

A basic listing can be found at: http://environment.uwe.ac.uk/virtual

Other facilities

Researchers may request photographs which can usually be provided for a fee (pre-1800

Full Time Staff

Part Time Staff Yes

Voluntary Staff Yes

Future plans


Date / No reply

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