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Name of Library: University of Birmingham Orchard Learning Resources Centre

Address: Hamilton Drive, Weoley Park Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6QW

Town: Birmingham

Telephone: Birmingham B29 6QW

Fax: 0121 471 4601

E-mail: library@bham.ac.uk

Website: http://www.is.bham.ac.uk/ls/libraries/olrc/collections.shtml

Alternative names University of Birmingham Information Services


David Pulford; Karen Jackson

Job Title

Subject Advisor

Purpose and main user community of the library

University undergraduate and research library; main users are students and staff of the university

Terms of access


Opening hours


Disabled access

Automatic doors; Wheelchair Access; Accessible toilets; Parking for people with disabilities; Quiet/Silent Study area


No individual lending to non-members. Research students and academics from other
institutions can apply to become borrowing members


46,000 (religious studies); Access to resources at University of Birmingham Main Library

Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



Microfilm collections; CD-ROMs and online databases

Volumes added per year


Philosophy of religion, religion and society, classical religion and philosophy, African religions,
Christianity (history, early literature, church fathers, missions, women and the church, papacy,
Church of England, Methodism), Bibles (texts, commentaries, hermeneutics), holocaust
studies, gay and black theologies New Religious Movements

Special Collections

The Harold Turner Collection of over 26,000 documents on the subjects of African Initiated Churches and analogous movements in other continents, particularly in Third World contexts. Access to the collection is restricted and by prior arrangement only.
Details of collections at http://www.special-coll.bham.ac.uk

  The Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern Manuscripts: The largest collection of illuminated Middle Eastern manuscripts, after the Vatican and the Bibliothèque Nationale in France 

Research resource

New Religious Movements ; African religions (especially West Africa); early Christian literature and church Fathers; pre-reformation church history; early Bible versions; missions; history of the church in Spain; history of the church in Great Britain; Church of England government and clergy; Papacy;

Catalogue Type

Computer, card (digitised) for items acquired before 1972

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Photcopying, microfilm/fiche reader-printers. No access to electronic resources except library


FullTime Staff 7

PartTime Staff 9

Voluntary Staff 0
  Future Plans
  Online Catalogue entries for Harold Turner Collection


See also entry for University of Birmingham Main Library

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