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Name of Library: Canterbury Cathedral Library

Address: The Precincts, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2EH

Town: Canterbury

Telephone: 01227 865288

Fax: 01227 865222

E-mail: library@canterbury-cathedral.org

Website: http://www.canterbury-cathedral.org

Alternative names


Mrs Karen Brayshaw

Job Title

Canterbury Cathedral Librarian

Purpose and main user community of the library

Reflect and support spiritual values and intellectual interests of clergy and others attached to

Terms of access

By appointment. Initial registration required in search room run jointly with Cathedral archives

Opening hours

Tues-Thurs 9.15 to 4.45; 1st Sat in the month 9.15 to 12.45

Disabled access

None. Disabled access access (Lift)





52,000 (c.30,000 pre C20)

Periodicals - Back Issues


Current Periodicals



80 mss, 100 maps

Volumes added per year



Bibles in diverse languages, 1470 to present; liturgy of Anglican church; relations of Anglican

church with other churches, esp. RC.; history of CofE and constituent churches - especially

Canterbury Cathedral; biography of Anglican communion - archbishops, deans etc.

Special Collections

Howley-Harrison collection - 16,000 books and pamphlets on theology and diverse other

subjects including anti-slavery movement, travel, natural history. William Somner's private

library - Anglo-Saxon scholarship. Mendham Collection - 5,000 Catholic and anti-Catholic

works dating from C15 to C19. Stephen Hunt's collection on medicine, bibliography and

medicine. John Coombe's collection of Bibles - c. 60. Elham parish collection - 1,200 books on

diverse subjects (literature, history, medicine) dating from C16 to C19. Preston next

Wingham parish collection in original Dr Bray cabinet (1709) contains 37 volumes of liturgical

works e.g. collections of sermons by Tillotson. Canterbury Catch Club - collection of scores
  Crundale Rectorial Library


Several illuminated mss - Books of Hours (one dating from c. 1400)

Research resource

As above

Catalogue Type

Computer and hand list

URL of catalogue


Other facilities

Photocopying by staff upon request

Full Time Staff 2

Part Time Staff 1

Voluntary Staff Variable

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